“Summer Lovin’: Demi Lovato Playfully Unveils Black Swimsuit to Boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama in St. Bart’s Getaway”

It’s clear that Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama are enjoying their much-awaited vacation together. The couple, who have been dating for some time now, displayed a fun and playful side to their relationship during their trip to St. Bart’s. Demi surprised Wilmer as she lifted her swimsuit out of the water to show him while he watched from the cliffs above. Check out the video below to witness their playful moment.

Stunning star: Demi Lovato, 23, continued to show off her incredible body as she hit the beach in St Barts with boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, 35, on Thursday

Demi Lovato, the 23-year-old talented celebrity, flaunted her stunning physique while enjoying the beautiful beaches of St. Barts with her 35-year-old boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, on Thursday.

What a tease! The couple showed off a more playful side to their relationship as they holidayed in St. Bart's on Thursday, as Demi whipped off her black swimsuit

The couple enjoyed a fun and playful vacation in St. Bart’s, as they showed off their more light-hearted side. Demi revealed her stunning figure by taking off her black swimsuit, which left her boyfriend delighted as he fist-pumped the air and grinned at her. She climbed down the cliff-edge towards the ocean and displayed her toned curves in a plunging swimsuit that emphasized her extreme cleavage. The high-leg design also complemented her petite legs while highlighting her pert derriere as she turned around in the fitted one-piece.

Playful! When Wilmer arrived, Demi removed her swimsuit and held it up out of the water to show him, as he looked down from the cliffs above

As Wilmer appeared, Demi decided to have some fun. She playfully took off her swimsuit and raised it above the water, showing it to him as he gazed down from the cliffs.

He's happy! He certainly looked delighted with the playful tease, fist-pumping the air as he grinned at his stunning girlfriend

He’s clearly overjoyed! His face lit up with pleasure as he playfully teased, even fist-pumping the air in excitement while beaming at his gorgeous partner.

Cosy: The former Disney star kept warm with a white fluffy towel

Impressive effect: The popular female artist made her way down the rugged cliffside towards the sea, showing off her well-defined physique in a daring black one-piece swimsuit that highlighted her ample cleavage.

Lovely: Demi went make-up free, showcasing her barefaced beauty

Beautiful: Demi went without any makeup, revealing her natural and stunning appearance.

Lithe body: The high-leg design of the swimsuit flattered her petite pins

Pert: Her pert derriere was visible in the fitted one-piece

She had a slender physique that was accentuated by the swimsuit’s high-leg cut, which made her petite legs look flattering. When she turned around, her well-shaped backside was noticeable in the snug one-piece swimsuit.

Demi cooled down with a relaxing dip in the waters 

To unwind, Demi took a leisurely swim in the refreshing waters.

Casual: The That 70s Show actor seemed less inclined to show off his beach bod, wearing a black sleeveless tank top, black board shorts and a pair of trainers, clutching his iPhone in his hand

Informal: The guy from That 70s Show wasn’t too keen on flaunting his physique at the beach and wore a black sleeveless top, board shorts, and trainers. He was holding onto his iPhone. Meanwhile, the ex-Disney star kept herself warm with a fluffy white towel and went without makeup, showing off her natural beauty. The Heart Attack singer has been keeping herself occupied with several Jingle Ball shows throughout the United States recently.

Time to relax: The Heart Attack singer has been keeping busy with multiple Jingle Ball performances across the U.S of late

It’s time to unwind: Recently, the artist known for the hit song “Heart Attack” has been keeping himself occupied with numerous Jingle Ball performances throughout the United States.

She arrived on Monday evening, straight from her performance in Washington D.C., to join the Victoria’s Secret Angels who are currently in St. Barts for a series of photo shoots showcasing the new VS Swim collection. Demi Lovato’s purpose for being there was to participate in filming a promotional video for the brand’s summer line. Although the details are not yet clear, the Angels and Demi have been teasing their followers with cryptic hashtags such as ‘somethingbigiscoming16’ on their social media accounts.

Chilling: On Monday night, she jetted in from Washington D.C. where she'd just performed to join the Victoria's Secret Angels in St. Barts

Relaxing: She arrived in St. Barts on Monday evening after her performance in Washington D.C. to join the Victoria’s Secret Angels.

Flawless: The Angels have spent the week posing for various photo shoots to show off the new VS Swim range and Demi has flown in to help film a promotional video for the brand's summer offerings

The Angels have been busy this week, striking poses for different photo shoots to showcase the latest VS Swim collection. And to top it off, Demi also made an appearance to shoot a promotional video highlighting the brand’s summer line.

Mysterious: Exactly what Victoria's Secret has up its sleeve remains a mystery, but Demi along with the Angels have been hashtaging their social media sneak peeks 'somethingbigiscoming16'

There’s something mysterious going on at Victoria’s Secret, and it’s got everyone talking. Although we don’t have all the details yet, Demi and the Angels have been teasing us with sneak peeks on social media using the hashtag ‘somethingbigiscoming16’. It’s definitely piqued our curiosity!

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